Thanks for 2018 - Let's Crush 2019!

The very first year review we did was a look back at the very first year of GegenWind. Doing one again this year is a way of keeping check on our progress and what we've accomplished.
We've done a great variety of things this year. Some of them more than we planned, others less. Some opportunities showed themselves rather unexpected. Some things feel like they happened many years ago already!

We've had fewer photoshoots on location compared to the years before.

The botanical garden was a cool location for us and Tomasz.

We hopped in a lake with Lӕrke.

And we were even able to do some photoshoots in Scotland!

We really started checking out the possibilities with studio photography, though. We started to play with gels, different flash modifiers, body paint and more creative photography in controlled situations in general.

We had a midweek late night shoot with our American guest Greg.

On point Blade Runner cosplay.


This year we've shot the most weddings per year so far - three, to be exact, and all unique in style. Thanks to all the couples that trusted in us to capture their wedding day!


The amount of pet shoots we've had this year has certainly increased - with horses and cats joining the mix! Anyone offering some reptiles for next year? (Seriously, please let us know!)

Our favourite Greek shelter export dog ;)

The corgi that reacts to AWWWWW A CORGI in the street.

The cutest clumsy pup.

The very social temporary inhabitants of the shelter in Rødovre.

And then we have been travelling ....

Escaping for a bit and checking out future job locations.

Lots of Scotland photos were our main vacation bounty this year!

Visiting Norway in the winter, because that's what smart people do, right? Winter -> NORTH.

One thing that we've also done increasingly is actually standing in front of the camera! Sometimes it did really move some boundaries, it's not without reason that we usually are the ones behind the camera pushing the trigger. However, by being the model once in a while we believe to get better at working with the people we photograph oursevles.

In spring, Judith had a photoshoot with German photographer Natalia le Fay, Make up and styling was done by Nancy Wenz (Instagram).




And we took photos of each other.




When we had a hotel room with a beautiful bathtub during our trips to Germany, we had our first bathtub shoot where we played with bathbombs from Hex Bomb and Lush.






Appropriate bathing attire for Jonathan.




Did anybody order an album cover for a darkwave band?


In the last days of 2016, we launched Photographer Excuses, which sky rocketed our start of 2017.
This year, we can't boast about something like that. However, we are working on something that we hope will have a similar effect in the new year. So definetely stay tuned for a practical little site that will go live any week now ;) We might need your help on that one.

Apart from a big website launch, we of course plan to keep on shooting in 2019! And this time not only single frame, burst shutter, but 30fps and higher too. It's video time again! Yes, we already wrote that back in 2016, but this time we actually mean it. Check out our YouTube channel, or watch our latest video we made for fun in Oslo as a start right here:

If you have a reptile or bathtub for photoshoots, shoot us a message!

Thank you all that have been with us so far. You're all amazing and we're happy about every hour we could spend with you and every shot you allowed us to take.

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