Thanks for 2016

Yes, we decided to follow the trend and write a short summary about our 2016 and what we are looking forward to for 2017. Not because there aren't enough end-of-year reviews already, but because this has been the first year for GegenWind and therefor seems right to have a look at how it went.

We moved into our apartment in march, planning to have a home studio right from the beginning.

  • we found a name
  • we made a website
  • we re-made the website

We had some awesome photoshoots on location before we got the flash set up for the studio, mostly strangers to get to know some beautiful people in this city.

We've been shooting Copenhagen Pride and Comic Con Copenhagen.

We attended weddings -

and went on vacation.

And then we got our studio gear up and running to shoot some dogs!

The year ended with some spontaneous projects that we went to realize. First the Advent Calendar, where you could win a print of our photos every day. If your walls look pale and empty, we're going to launch a print-shop in February this year.

and then we developped Photographer Excuses, which got featured on PetaPixel after one day. From there it moved to fstoppers and a chinese photo blog that declared us husband and wife and put the excuses on stock pictures.

So far we've served 145000 excuses.

For 2017, we plan to do all the 2016 things better, bigger and on a more regular basis. We hit off the new year with a big wedding right from the start, so look our for winter wedding pictures in a couple of weeks. We also plan to do more stuff with the models we got to meet, and some video stuff. Have you seen our YouTube channel?

So, thanks for last year and see you around! Please follow us and tell your friends and family about us, we love new challenges and new people!

We welcome everybody and don't be shy to suggest a model or somebody who really needs a new picture taken ;)

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