Photoshoot at the Botanical Garden, Copenhagen

Tomasz lives in Horsens on Jutland, from where he also studied Architecture before he decided to try out modelling. He came all the way to Copenhagen for a couple of days to arrange for some photoshoots with various photographers.

Botanical Garden, Copenhagen

Location, location, location!

The Botanical Garden in Copenhagen might not be the most impressive display of plants and colors during this season, but it does have a palm house!

The palm house is not only warm and more or less dry (if you don't count the humidity in the air), it also provides interesting, flourishing backdrops in a lot of shades of green, depth of field, super soft light - and unfortunately quite a few other people.

The main building has a large, round roof that just invites you to stand in the middle of the palm house and stare straight up just to let the palms drip on you because of the humidity.

If you want to take pictures at the Botanical Garden, make sure to check the different opening hours of the palm house and the rest of the garden. Also, commercial photoshoots are not allowed.

Portrait Session With Tomasz

Actually, Tomasz would like to be a fitness model, even though our photos aren't very fitness-y. Maybe he should just have started to run a couple of rounds, and do push ups in the middle of the palm house ...

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