Madeira in black and white

Our travel locations often lend themselves to colour, the dark green forests, the cyan sea, a bright red camping van on dark brown vulcano ash, but »

Jonathan M. Hethey

To sunset or not to sunset

An island, surrounded and covered by clouds and fog because of the humid air, interesting and extreme landscapes - everything about Madeira made us think that »

Judith Jonathan M. Hethey

Trails and waterfalls

Madeira has been nicknamed "The Hawaii of Europe" for their green and lush forests and vast height differences due to its volcanic nature. Obviously, »

Judith Jonathan M. Hethey

Mystical Madeira - Fanal Forest

Even though Madeira is not a big island, it does have a few different biomes due to it's height differences. Above the tree line, there are »

Judith Jonathan M. Hethey

On Cloud Nine - Pico do Areeiro

On our first day on Maderia we drove up to one of the highest peaks of the island. Pico do Areeiro is 1,818m high and »

Judith Jonathan M. Hethey

We spent Christmas on Madeira!

Since our vacation on Tenerife in 2019, we haven't been travelling apart from a few short trips in Denmark or Germany. So when there seemed to »

Judith Jonathan M. Hethey

XP-Pen Artist 15.6 for photo editing

For some years now we both use the Intuos CTH-480 tablet* when editing photos. It is a small, beginner-friendly tablet-and-pen solution by Wacom that you use »