Thadhail sinn air Dùn Èideann - Edinburgh

Our trip starts off in Edinburgh, the biggest city in Scotland that is a treasure for every lover of architecture, photography or scottish history. In September, »

Judith Jonathan M. Hethey

August 2018

The monthly review is back! We have first been under a rock and then under a mountain of retouch. First we had an epic on land »

Jonathan M. Hethey

Photoshoot in a Lake With Mai's Cosplay

With a summer that basically delivered 30°C on a daily basis for multiple months in a row, photoshoots surely must have risen greatly in popularity »


Don't smile, just relax

Don't smile, just relax your face is something I frequently tell people in front of my camera. I'm drawn to the ambiguous and not easily decipherable. »

Jonathan M. Hethey

The Shutter of my Canon 6D Broke

We have been very lucky with our gear until now and haven't experienced any problems ever. However, luck is bound to run out at some time »