Hi! We are GegenWind!

You can get in touch with us via facebook or give us a call!

We are a young couple sharing a passion for photography, so we decided to set up our own photo studio in the living room of our apartment. Instead of bringing over friends to either watch football or eat tapas, we invite models and animals to take pictures of them.

GegenWind is German for head wind, a word that demonstrates our origin and where we are headed in the future. We are both Germans, but have lived in Denmark for many years. Recently, we moved into the above-mentioned apartment in the south of Copenhagen, a city that we enjoy a great deal. Therefore, our living-room-photo-studio is not the only place where we take pictures - being on location and getting dirty is exciting, too!

We want to grow constantly, both personally and profesionally. We are not afraid of getting some head wind, and will try to overcome challenges and get some great photos in the process. Easy things are boring anyways, right?

No matter who you are, please reach out to us, if you like our photography! People of all heritage, LGBT and couples explicitly welcome! We speak English, Danish and German.


I work in the field of email marketing and coding in one of Denmark's biggest advertising agencies. I have a Master's Degree in Interactive Digital Media. During my studies I started getting paid jobs as a photographer for both video and photo as well as editing video footage. I enjoy almost all kinds of photography, my favorite being animals, though. Portrait photography is the most challenging, but also very rewarding genre.


I work as a dark sorcerer developer in an agency in Copenhagen. During my studies I completed an internship in a video production company in San Francisco and have been hooked on photography and videography ever since. Over the last years I've shot and edited videos for several co-hosted photography events and fashion shows.

People and challenges interest me. As photographers we have the chance to live moments of our models lifes with them and follow them for a bit.

Previous Self Portraits

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