Wild Caribou - Sleeping in a dome under the Midnight Sun

We didn't make a lot of fixed plans for our trip to the North Cape. We had a timespan and an approximate route to work with, but the rest we decided to figure out on a day-to-day basis - apart from the first night where we decided to have a planned accomodation not too far from Älta airport.

As one does not cross the polar circle to get to the most northern parts of the globe very often in one's lifetime (we assume, at least), we went for the tourist experience of sleeping in a dome with a view on a continuously bright sky.

Wild Caribou is located in Lakselv east of Älta and offer different type of accomodations and adventures surrounded by nature. We had come straight from the airport, so we were still very aware of the quiet and fresh air









Sleeping in a dome under the midnight sun

There is only one dome at Wild Caribou, located slightly away from the main building and the other accomodation type, the cabin. That means that one does not need to worry about being disturbed or stalked upon by others.

The dome is mainly made of robust material with windows of plastic on one side and in the ceiling. That way one can enjoy both the view of either Northern Lights or Midnight Sun and maybe even spot some reindeer or a moose wonder by.




The dome was quite spacy with e big double bed, comfy chairs and a fireplace. While there were an electric heater and electric blankets, we delved head-first into the glamping experience and made good use of the fireplace.



Everything was calm and quiet and comfortable. We absolutely loved it and it was an amazing way of starting this holiday, to get used to the slow speed and feel Norway.

As good sleepers, we luckily did not have any issues with the brightness as night. On the contrary, it was rather nice to walk to the hut with the (heated and comfortable!) bathroom in the middle of the night without having to worry about stumbling or having to bring a torch.

At shortly before midnight, when we went to bed to the crackling fireplace it was about that bright:


As we had just arrived and not prepared anything, we were happy to see that we didn't have to starve either! (Proper glamping!)
There were some restaurants not too far away in the area - and during dinner we even saw the first group of reindeer of our holiday!


And for breakfast we got an amazing basket with fresh, hot coffee, buns, cheese, boiled eggs and fruit delivered right to the dome!


The Greenland dogs of Wild Caribou

As part of the activites they offer, Wild Caribou have a pack of Greenland dogs that we were super excited to meet. They're a breed similar to the Alaskan Malamute, comfortable with the cold and big and strong enough to pull a sled.




They were like bid cuddly bears, howling for attention and pets and we almost never made it out of their pen again.




Check out the Instagram account of the dog pack!

We can totally recommend Wild Caribou. The owners are very nice as well and we had long talks about moving countries, hot summers at the North Cape and owning a pack of almost-wolves.

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