Let's do better in 2021

It's January, it's time to write yet another year review - how time just flies by. This new years blogpost will look very different than the previous ones.


We might not have taken that many photos this year, but we certainly dived into our old, shared passion for film making. Our YouTube channel got a lot more love than our blogpost (soooorry) so for this post we might have videos about topics that we never mentioned on here before.

It's so much fun to tell a story from multiple angles, with sound and in HD. Thank you all for stopping by! (How have people watched our silly sketches for over 100 hours?!)


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New Gear

In our post last year, we teased of what was to come in 2020. We're happy to say, that the teaser stayed true and some major upgrades and expansions happened this year (we couldn't spend money on travels, don't judge us!). The new gear also turned out to be the highlight of this year photography-wise.

Jonathan swapped out his trusty Canon EOS 6D with a Canon EOS R* in September, supplementing with a Samyang 14mm f2.8* and a Samyang 85mm f1.4* lens. These lenses are so far still our only RF mount lenses.

It took a loooong waiting time but in October, Judith could finally catch up and swap out her trusty Canon EOS 6D with the all new Canon EOS R5*. No lens upgrades happening here, cause all the cash went into the camera body. (Just kidding!) She is still waiting for the drop-in filter mount adapter*. Covid-19 really messed with our gear needs - we're feeling with all of you still waiting for a PS5. Been there, done that.

So far, we always used an old GoPro if we were shooting near or under water. However, if we in 2021 should be able to travel to places like Tenerife again, we are now ready with an upgrade for those underwater shots as well: an Insta360* is now part of our fleet as well.

If you're now frantically searching for our review blogposts of all this new gear, you will look without success. Let us say it is our goal for 2021 to put together some good reviews and comparisons.

However, we do have this treat of a video that we made when Jonathan just had got his Canon EOS R and Judith had been waiting for the pre-ordered Canon EOS R5 for some months already:

This is one of our most watched videos. People must really find us dumb ....



Okay, joke aside, we actually did one trip in 2020 that we would like to categorize as #travel#, and if just for the lack of longer distances moved.
In the summer, we went to the other side of Denmark and made this little roadtrip as much a photo vacation as we could.

It wasn't much, but it certainly gave us the opportunity to finetune our drone photography skills some more and we brought home some shots that we were really proud of.



Apart from that, we explored the sights around Copenhagen more which turned into some photo opportunities that we haven't even mentioned on this blog before.


Photoshoots were a rarity with a pregnancy, family and wedding couple shoot showing up once in a while inbetween lockdown restrictions. The most shoots we had included ourselves as models. The most planned and exciting shoots were the water shoot and our Halloween photos.





Last year we planned to do more dog shoots and maybe dabble some in nude photography. Those plans were only realized to a small extent, we must admit.


Our most liked photo on Instagram this year - a dog! (Second most liked is a dog as well ....)

Our Plans for 2021

As promised, our goal will be to give some insight into our near gear and our thoughts about it. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel as well.

Apart from that we are aiming to produce more videos and keep on shooting, even though it's difficult to predict anything at the moment. Maybe we should set ourselves some goals on how to portray the city we live in - Copenhagen?

Did you make plans for the next year, or do you rather go with the flow?

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