Copenhagen Pride 2017

Yesterday, Copenhagen Pride Week 2017 came to an end with their usual parade through the city to celebrate love and diversity.

Last year, it was our first time to attend the event and we were blown away by the atmosphere and positivity. If you want to read about it and see the photos from back then, you can do so here.

We were curious to see whether the event would manage to thrill us as much this year with it not being all new anymore. The colors, glitter and soap bubbles did not disappoint, and the joy from the people in the parade easily spread to everyone around so you could not stop smiling. Like last year, people even in the most crowded places acted respectful to each other and tried to make room for everyone to pass.

An old bus filled with the older hippie generation.

The t-shirt says "One day of party, 365 days of fight". Even though it sounds a little critical of the parade and how everyone is celebrating, it reminds people that everyday life still isn't all rainbowy for the LGBT community and that there is still a lot to fight for - even in Denmark.

A shot I got by accident when the girl ran by me and turned to look at a friend behind just in that second when I pressed the shutter.

A lot of families with children joined the crowd again this year.

If you're afraid of penises, close your eyes for the next picture.

This year we followed the parade all the way to the Pride Square. All around it, bars and restaurants had put out tables and chairs and created one big area where you could chill out, drink eat or dance.

We ran into these two girls when they were freshening up their glitter, and like everyone else that day, they didn't mind at all to take some pictures and have a chat.


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