Throwback Thursday: Copenhagen Pride 2016

We like to shoot some of the many events that take place in Copenhagen. ComicCon 2016 already has a blogpost for itself. However, another event that we feel strongly about has not been featured on this blog yet: Copenhagen Pride.

Copenhagen Pride is an annual Human Rights festival with LGTB activities all around the city for one week in August. It culminates in a big parade that celebrates the diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity. If you know the Christopher Street Day, it’s kinda like that. Last year we were there to take photos.


The atmosphere of the day was full of colors, soap bubbles, glitter, singing and dancing. So many happy people cheered on from the side of the road, while others joined the parade, waving their support for those, who have been made fun of or been rejected half of their life. A lot of people smiled at the camera and posed, one of the best event photo experiences ever. Thank you all!

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Written by: Judith tagged with blog, pride, lgbt