August 2017

Another month has passed by, another monthly review!

Martha & Niklas Wedding Anniversary

It's already a year ago, that Martha and Niklas got married. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Back then, we didn't have a blog yet, but if you want to have a look the some of the photos, you can do so on our Facebook page.

New Lens in The House

You might have noticed that we've gotten a new lens, the Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L USM!

It's a great wide angle prime lens, and I'm looking greatly forward to use it for some environmental portraits. This street portrait from Copenhagen Pride already has me cheer in joy.

Copenhagen Pride 2017

Apropos Copenhage Pride - we were there! See all the rest of the photos here.

Dark Portrait Series

And as a good end of this month, we had yet another little experimental photoshoot with a haunting, and slightly creepy theme. Head over here to have a closer look!

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