Visiting Christine and John at their Serene Villa

We got an invitation on the mentioned facebook groups for Kefalonia to say hi and have a cup of tea at their villa when we wrote that we'd be coming to the island and so we did. The invitation for tea originated from them being British we bet ;)

Their villa is just down the hill from Kourkoumelata and it's quite a cool place. Most significantly and very unusual for the rest of the residencies on the island, it's all accessible by wheel chair, with little ramps leading everywhere. Apart from the pool there is also a pretty cool tree house, dogs, cats and it's not far from either the next taverns or the airport.

In the garden, little handmade wooden fairy houses are scattered around that John crafts, mostly in the noon when it's too hot outside to do anything or during the winter.

He told us he was a mechanic most of his life and after they moved to Kefalonia 11 years ago, this was something to keep him busy and to learn new things.

Johns woodwork was really interesting even though he humbly stated that it's mostly for fun and to not do nothing, it really inspires your fantasy a little to have tiny fairy houses or gnome-headed walking sticks all around. We got to watch him work a little too.

Currently he's often doing these custom walking sticks:

The parts and in progress houses were also around:

We spent a few hours there, talking, exchanging experiences of different countries, career paths and all sorts of topics. It was very cozy and a nice break from our long walks and trips.

The tree house entrance

Drying sheets in the summer heat

Olive trees in the garden

If you want to check out their offers or need a place with accommodation for someone in a wheel chair, they have two apartments for rent and you can have a look at their website.

We're a huge fan!

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