Visiting Argostoli, Kefalonia

On our first full day on Kefalonia, we went for a ride to the main capital of the island, Argostoli. The small town lies at a bay, with a 900m long stone bridge that connects it to the other side. In 1813, the bridge was first made of wood - in the span of two weeks!

It's a great place for having a stroll, enojoying the breeze from the water, enjoying the view on the city and bay, and maybe spot some sea turtles. That's what we did anway.

Everyone looking at the sea turtles.

We spotted two, occasionally swimming up to get air. Apparently, you are most likely to spot them around 9am - 11am when the fisherboats come in. However, we saw them in the afternoon.

Argostoli is rather sleepy during siesta (2pm - 5pm), even though kiosks and some cafes at the square still would be open for the tourists. We drove through the city one evening and it seemed to buzz with life at that time.

When we had a an iced coffee on the main square, we met a stray cat that looked at our food longingly, as you do many places on Kefalonia. For a first, we saw a stray dog. Or we think it was a stray dog, as he just roamed around, sniffing all the corners and not wearing a collar. When we offered him some ear scratches, he was so happy and would ask for more when we stopped.

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