Travel Photography #3: Amsterdam

As you might have noticed from our Instagram account, we spent Pentecost - a bank holiday in Denmark - in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

I had been in the city twice beforehand, but always only for a very short period of time without much room for exploration. So I had gotten a taste for the city, but could never really enjoy it fully.

And the city and its population did not disappoint. It's colorful, diverse, inventive and relaxed. Unfortunately, it's also very hyped and the streets were crowded with tourists.

The canals seem as much a measure of transportation and experiencing the city as the streets, with many tour boats, but also a fair share of private ones.

The main train station is really beautiful and spells AMSTERDAM with the coloured tiles on the roof.

We saw a couple of cats and dogs, but they didn't seem to eager to be photographed and stayed in those poses long enough for us to finally give up and walk away:

Amsterdam Zoo

The zoo is something we recommend visiting if you come to Amsterdam. Most of the enclosures actually have a reasonable size for the animals in them. Also, the whole park is really green and full of trees, which makes strolling around really enjoyable and more than just "lets go from animal A to B and then C and now we're done".

The vultures were pretty amazing and didn't seem too bothered by all the people standing a meter from (or underneath) them.

The fruit bats apparently were attacking each other some times, so they put up some stuffed fruit bat decoys in order to have something they can fight without damaging their pals wings.

And last but not least, cute lizards and penguins!

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