Time in Candlelight

Candles are a great metaphor, they're simple. You light them on fire, they give off warmth and light. The longer they're on, the sooner they're out and gone. A perfect example for mortality, with the flame seeming alive and organic.

I know, I know I'm going on about death again, but that's just the end of the candle. The whole way there is the time that it's alive and that's the ultimate constraint. If you had infinite time it would really not matter how you spend it or with whom.

It wouldn't matter if you like your job, who you marry, what you do or don't, because you'd have infinite opportunities to undo or repeat. We don't, which makes time a strong motivator to do what we actually want.

Don't worry about me looking super skinny by the way ;) I have a very high metabolism (I can eat what I want) and I don't work out. Secondly though, my pectoralis major on the right side is missing since birth (ruptured and disappeared), which is kind of the equivalent of missing a boob except it doesn't really mean anything with men, the other muscle right on top compensates. It's still a weird part about my body, but it's alright.

So this is what a candle light evening for the GegenWinds looks like ;) The shoot was a lot of fun and we luckily had some black candles laying around, again credits to Judith for the amazing shots in the difficult (candle) light.

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Written by: Jonathan M. Hethey tagged with blog, noir, death