The Fog That Wasn't There - Kalvebod Fælled Sunrise

There is a huge nature conservsation area close to Copenhagen called Kalvebod Fælled (don't try pronouncing it if you are not a Dane, that name might put a knot in your tongue). The area is about 20km² and very flat, which can result in beautiful morning fog during autumn and spring. Here are some pictures that you will find if you check out #kalvebodfog:

This moody, foggy atmosphere would have been perfect for some Halloween pictures!

Instead, we got wet feet, muddy shoes, cold hands and a beautiful sunrise. We shouldn't complain about the latter, though. It's the first time where we went out shooting at dawn hoping for the opposite of a beautiful sunrise.

We spent the time making some new friends among all the animals out there, instead. The sheep were surprisingly tame, literally head booping you when you stopped scratching their heads.

The cows would sometimes look curiously at us, but overall just ignored us.

The horses needed a lot of patience. We couldn't just walk onto their onclosure (like it is allowed with the sheep and cows), so we clicked our tongues and calling for them for a while until two of them slowly walked over to us to check us out. Lucky for them, as they were the only ones getting the carrots we brought!

As I'm allergic to horses, this was actually a pretty special moment for me. I'm trying out acupuncture at the moment and need to check whether it's working once in a while.

This one was a little annoying, though, as it was only interested in the carrots, not in scratches. And suddenly, it got very suspicious of the clicking sound of Jonathan's camera. The carrots won in the end, though.

Even though it was a little disappointing to not get what we came for, we still had a good time (cold though!). On the one hand, I was happy we didn't bring a model all set for a Halloween shoot. On the other hand, I'm sure we would just have worked with the situation at hand and still gotten some good pictures - just without the fog. Bringing some smoke bombs would have course created a similar atmosphere, but not been a possibility in the nature conversation area.
This is one of the challenges working on location and being dependent on the weather.

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