Skater Sunset

This is from one of the last warm summer days this year in Copenhagen, we took the boards out for a last spin and enjoyed the view.

We have some NKD Canadiens boards, which we picked up cheaply and which are the board we've spend the most time on and have gotten hurt on the most. Riding them is very beginner friendly and pretty fun, because of their size and even though they are stiff they get over rougher streets well.

Skateboards symbolise a great deal of freedom, to go where ever and to be agile and versatile when it comes to public transport, even compared to bikes.


The behind the scenes shot for this one looks far funnier, it's Judith laying on her back, not entirely unlike a turtle, trying to not drop the board onto somebody sun-bathing below.


I love this shot a LOT. Ready to ride into the sunset right there.



Having a break once in a while is ok...


Drink responsibly!



Obviously we turned this edit into a preset for our collection.



Naturally Judith has a skull and bones on her helmet as well


Until next summer!

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Written by: Jonathan M. Hethey tagged with blog, sports