Shadows and Suspenders with Mikkel

Sometimes we had an idea for a photoshoot and then we find models for it (like for example for the yoga shoot). However, more often we know what model to shoot and then we create the idea for the photoshoot around them. Another one of these cases was the photoshoot with Mikkel in the end of April, which you can see some behind the scenes of here:

The photoshoot was a total success, a lot of fun and is also a perfect example for all those photography beginners that ask

But how do I find people to take pictures of?


Finding Mikkel

We met Mikkel Frohn on New Year's eve. We attended Party like Gatsby, which was a great party and way to enter the new year. It was a great show and everyone was dressed up amazingly - including Mikkel and Freja, who we spotted in the smoking area.
We walked over to them, introduced ourselves and asked, whether he ever would be up for a photoshoot with us. Turned out that they were, and we actually hang out together for a short while - yes, we definetely wanted to have a shoot with them! (Freja turned out to be an amazing SFX makeup artist, check out her work on Instagram!)


Picking a Style

So now we had a model, now we needed to figure out what we wanted to shoot with him. Mikkel has a unique look with bright hair, piercings and intense eyes - that's something we wanted to focus on.


That's why we decided for a relatively simple style and setup in black and white, in our photostudio with a lot of contrasts and shadows.
However, that also meant that everything was dependent on Mikkel's ability to deliver and make the photos interesting.



We hadn't need to worry, right?








So where do I find people to take pictures of? I don't have a 20's party near to where I live.

A lot of the other portraits series on this blog are actually my colleagues. Colleagues are mostly people that know you and therefor don't feel too weirded out or threatened when you ask them for a photoshoot.

However, our work with Mikkel (who we certainly would like to take pictures of gain!) shows that you don't necessarily need to know possible models. Go somwehere, where people are enojying themselves and feeling safe. Look at them to find interesting looks and stories. Also, obviously, don't be a creep and give people the possibility to say no!

(And yes, unfortunately, this is not as easy in a smaller village than it is in a bigger city.)


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