Sarah And Christian's Winter Wedding

If you're getting married in the winter (at least here in Northern Europe), there surely are two weather options that you wish for: either snow for the magical prettiness of a true winter wonderland, or as dry and sunny as possible. However, winter isn't anymore what it once has been, so you probably might need to settle with a grey semi-cold and rain at least half of the day.

Not on the December day that was Sarah and Christian's wedding day. They were blessed with both: during the day, the sun shone brightly, almost making the job too difficult for the stylists prepping the bride because of the harsh and direct light. In the middle of the night, it suddenly began to snow (the only snow so far in this part of Denmark), transforming the beautiful area around the venue, restaurant Herthadalen, into snow covered winter wonderland.

But first back to the sunny part. While Christian drank whisky and practiced his speech at their apartment, Sarah got pampered and prepped at her sister's place.

Are those butterflies in the stomach, or is it just the baby kicking? Maybe a little bit of both...

Wedding Ceremony at Frederiksberg Church

The design of Frederiksberg Church is unusual octagonal in Baroque style. It also has a balcony from where we could photograph (without flash) the ceremony without disturbing anyone. Even though it meant that we couldn't be as close to the altar as in other churches, it still had the advantage of providing us with direct view on the couple. Thank you to the priest for being so forthcoming!

Wedding Reception And Dinner at Restaurant Herthadalen

Restaurant Herthadalen is placed in Lejre, nearby the city of Roskilde. The surrounding area is supposed to be very beautiful when you visit during a brighter season, and the restaurant lies at the end of Denmark's prettiest and longest allée.

Even though the room at restaurant Herthadalen is painted very brightly, we still needed to use flash during the whole evening. By bouncing it off the ceiling we achieved a soft, flattering light and avoided blinding the guests (too much).

It turned out that both the couple and their guests are especially good at holding entertaining speeches, so it was a ton of fun for us as photographers to both listen to (and get to know more about the people whose very important day we are documenting) and take a lot of reaction shots of guests that are crying of laughter.

Props for the photo booth!

The iPhone photography game was strong during the first dance and the Danish tradition of cutting the groom's socks.

When we drove home that night, Denmark's longest and prettiest allée was covered in about 10cm snow, and we saw two deers quietly walking along the road, not bothered by us at all. Congratulations to Sarah and Christian for a beautiful wedding, and good luck with the growing family!

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