Portrait Session with Yume no Yukari on a Cemetery in Dortmund

During our Easter holiday i Germany, we met with the German model Yume no Yukari. As we would have some spare time and want to broaden our network, we had contacted her berforehand and asked, whether she would like to shoot with us. Turned out - she did!

Even though the weather was very unstable on the days before, it really showed itself from its best side on the day of the photoshoot. It was a little bit of a risk for us, as we didn't know the location (Yume no Yukari suggested we went to the East Cemetery, Ostfriedhof, in Dortmund) or any back up plans should it suddenly start to rain - but luckily, we weren't in need of back up plans.

We met shortly after noon and decided to make use of the harsh sunlight. We worked with different tools to create patterns on Yume no Yukari's face and really bring out her light blue eyes.
When the hard contrast didn't work out, we often used a diffuser to soften the light. Luckily, being two photographers means that one of us always can jump in as an assistant while the other snaps away. Luckily, Yume no Yukari was patient with us and had no trouble switching between us two photographers and our different styles.

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