May 2019

May was eventful, concert, tech summit, photo walk and it's finally summer! We also got some new gear, but there'll be a proper dapper post about that ;)

Wonder Tech Summit and Award Show

We had the honor of covering a tech event in both photo and video, the WONDER TECH SUMMIT which aims to empower women in technology across the nordics.

It was a ton of fun and we want to thank everybody who was there, the organisers, speakers, workshop hosts and the guests! The event itself had so many amazing stories that were told, cool sponsors and tech and even a kids corner where robots were built and all sorts of nerdy stuff went on everywhere!

In the end we came home with a few hundred pictures and two videos to cut, which we'll share when they go live ;)

Photo Walk and 1000Drawings

As we mentioned we were on a photo walk with @astridkbh where we learned a thing or two about street photography, retouch, patience and instragram.

We donated some photos to the 1000 Drawings Charity and you can still get some, they'll announce some way to auction off the remaining shots: On the 1000 Drawings Copenhagen facebook page

Here's a small video of the exhibition and the event of the night of the 1000 drawings:

Newborn Shoot in the Studio

We also had the pleasure to introduce an almost two weeks old baby to photoshoots. We can tell this one will become a famous model one day because they managed the shoot like a pro!


These are some photogenic feet!


Battle Beast in Pumpehuset Copenhagen


We saw the Heavy Metal band Battle Beast live for the first time!
Fortunately we could stand just behind the sound and the light guy, so that was some extra behind the scenes excitement!

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