GegenWind's very own Advent Calendar with free prints

Yes, we launched an Advent Calendar! Check it out on

The calendar doesn't ask a lot of you - you only have to sign up once with your mail address and then you are in for the possibility to win a free print of our photos every day.
We need your mail address, so we can communicate with you about shipping details.

It's a new photo every day, and we picked a great variety with motives and scenes that we believe will look awesome on your wall, on your cupboard or wherever you might want to show it off.

If you didn't win any print by Christmas eve on December 24, but got intrigued by the pictures, it might interest you that we will put them up for sale as prints after Christmas. So you can still support us and beautify your home!

If you can't be bothered to check the website every day to see the day's print, make sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram, where we will post the images, too.

Psst - every Sunday, the size of the prints will be twice as big!

(Fun fact about the top image:
It seems that we don't have many christmassy pictures. That's why you get this 6-years old photo of mine, where I still used my Canon 40D and still shot in jpg.)

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