Darwin in the Woods - Italian Greyhound Photoshoot

A long timespan with barely any exciting activities and even less photos is (hopefully!) coming to an end, and we're ready for it!


This is us carefully taking a peak out the door.

It's slowly becoming spring, and even though it feels more like one step forward and two steps back in regards of the weather, nature is ready and blossoming. So on one of the "step forward"-days with beautiful photo weather (some sun, but not too strong and nicely softened by clouds) we met up with Amanda and her 2-year old Italian Greyhound Darwin to take some photos.

Amanda is an up-and-coming dog trainer that just started her own business - check her out!


This was also the first real photoshoot situation for my new Canon R5, so I was excited to see how that would go.

I'm happy I switched back and forth between animal AF and single point AF, having hits and misses with both methods. The big revelation, though - and I'm sorry for stating the obvious - was the flip screen! Especially when shooting on the dog's eye level (and Italian Greyhounds aren't very tall) the flip screen was amazing - especiallly in combination with my new wrist strap that I initially wasn't very keen on (I do enjoy being sure that my camera is secured around my neck). I experiences a whole new feeling of flexibility!




Camera wrist strap by Peak Design with quick release*

Darwin was the best dog model we have worked with so far, no doubt about it. He not only could do a great variety of tricks, he was also so eager to do them and to work for those delicious sausage pieces that he was super easy to direct.


Not everyone can be as good and smart as Darwin who can reverse on command (!!), but staying on command is the single most useful thing to teach your dog to take photos of them. That is something that clearly was a challenge when shooting Norse God dogs on Teneriffe that were all about hype and energy. :D








As Darwin is a greyhound he was allowed to stretch his body as well. As I already learned during the workshop with Alicja Zmysłowska, running photos aren't easy and a greyhound is fast (duh).


The location was Charlottenlund Skov north of Copenhagen, which is a dog area.

All photos are taken with the Canon EOS R5 and the Sigma 85mm F1.4 (review).

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