Wolf Dog Mira in The Woods

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When you meet Mira for the first time, it’s best if you don’t interact with her too much, but just let her sniff and get to know you.

That’s how Mira’s owners introduced us to the 5-year old Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Mira.


Wolfdogs can be reserved and shy towards strangers, but even though she could be all pounce, she could also be a fun girl - especially when water was involved.


We had picked a particularly nasty day for our photoshoot, as it was dark and raining all day. However, if there is one dog breed that goes well with dark and rainy, it’s a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, right?

behind-the-scenes-wolf-dog-photoshoot-2 wolf-dog-puncing-through-woods

With the workshop with Alicja Zmysłowska still relatively fresh in my mind, this shoot was a perfect opportunity to practice and take my own photos. On top of that, Mira and her owner were already practiced photo models which made the communication a lot easier. We never had to tell Mira’s owner to walk behind us photographers to not be in the photos but also to make Mira look into our direction - if that’s what we wanted.


Derpy wolf!


Even though Mira was very attentive when food was involved, she was still very alert to sounds and smells in her surroundings. These moments, which sometimes only lasted a few seconds, brought out the more wolfy side in Mira.

wolf-dog-photoshoot-copenhagen czechoslovakian-wolfdog-in-the--rain epic-wolf-dog-black-and-white fineart-czechoslovakian-wolfdog-photography-black-and-white czechoslovakian-wolfdog-photoshoot-1

This is a pretty tight crop of a photo that originally is wider, but it still is one of my favorite shots from this shoot.

The dream now is to get a snowy, cold winter in Denmark, cause what is better than wet and muddy feet while being on a photoshoot? Wet feet, runny noses and cold fingers of course!


We also had some editing livestreams where I would edit the photos while the whole world could watch (only a little pressure!). That turned out to be super fun as I both could help others that asked questions in chat and got help in return. It was also fun to discuss different editing styles and ideas and tell about the shoot - livestreams certainly are something we will have again in the future!

If you missed it, but would like to see the editing process, we made a timelapse that boils it down to 2 minutes: