On: Models and Wind Machines

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Thanks for the pictures goes to the beautiful Mounia for coming by and being our model for hours in the studio last weekend! It was a pleasure and she was super easy to work with, so we’re very happy to show off some of the pictures we took!

When working with models, not as in professional models, but people you have in front of your camera that you want to take pictures of, good communication makes everything much easier.

In a controlled environment like the studio, you can turn their bodies, their heads, craft their poses and angle the light exactly like you want it, which gets you very specific results.

Even better is when they have ideas and immediately can say what they like or what they would prefer not to emphasize on. Mounia is great in front of the camera and it was a lot of fun trying out poses, expressions and different outfits.

Luckily, just before the shoot we had gotten an industrial fan (actually for blowing up bouncing castles and the like) so we could do awesome fashion wind machine shots too!