We are usually not regulary at amusement parks, especially not when we go on vacation with a more nature interested focus. How did we end up in Amigoland of all places then?


The Camargue is mainly a very quiet, chill area. You've got salt lakes, pastures with horses, flamingos flapping above, small cute villages advertising Camargue salt or rice, groups riding around, cicadas screaming their hearts outs in the trees. You get the idea, it is all very idyllic.

Until you somewhere in the nowhere do a turn in a roundabout and notice cars after cars after cars parked on the side of the road and people all streaming in the same direction.

And then suddenly on the left, you have this cacophony of lights and colors and sounds and screaming and people. Welcome to Amigoland!


The first time we drove by we looked in awe and giggled a bit. The next times we drove by, it turned into an insight joke.
And when we discussed what we should do on our last evening in France, we turned to joke to reality and payed it a visit, if for nothing else we might get some nice silhouette and long exposure shots.



Amigoland is only open in the evening, probably because the temperatures are actually bearable at that point and because the lights really pop in the dark. That's what this placed lived off - the dark, the lights, the fire, the effects.




The rides were great opportunities for long exposure shots. The bumper cars especially, because the lights of the vehicles basically make the area a high traffic junction at night, but with cooler lights.



The park was really crowded every day we drove by and the parking lots bursting at its sesms with cars parking along the road. Most people were either teenagers (probably happy that more stuff was happening around that only flamingos) or families with young children, but as you can see, a few grandmothers were also happy to enjoy the candyfloss and gambling opportunities.




Someone had brought their small puppy to the mayhem and we allowed to say hi!

In itself, Amigoland did not really stand out. But as part of an otherwise calm holiday, it was a fun and quirky way to end the trip that we definetely had not planned.

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