Aalborg University in Copenhagen: Bridge Light Installation

We just went out to take a couple of long exposure shots of the new light installation at the bridge of the Aaalborg University in Copenhagen. I remember it was one of the first things I really, really liked about our new neighborhood. (Instagram shot for reference)

We live in Copenhagen Sydhavn where Aalborg Universitet has their KĂžbenhavn department (we know this doesn't make much sense, since they're located on the other side of the country). Recently they started lighting up the bridge. The tenants in the area have expressed mixed feelings on facebook so far.

We like it and used the opportunity for a quick photo shoot and a tiny video with some tips for long exposure photography.

Judith in return of course grabbed some behind-me-crouching-on-the-floor behind the scenes footage:

Here some more shots we took:

Here you can see what happens when I forget to turn the ISO back down and leave it at 3200 from filming a couple of scenes:

And the correctly exposed shot:

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Written by: Jonathan M. Hethey tagged with blog, long exposure, architecture